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Chess Free Download is Ready

Chess Free apk

v2.54 (Updated Jan 09, 2017)

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Chess Free Description

Chess Free is one of the best and most excellent Chess games on Android. Chess Free has been at the highest rank as well. It is the most liked and played Chess app throughout the world. No matter if you are a Chess learner or an expert player, it equally suitable for both of the categories. The first class tutor of it makes it amazing for the people who want to develop Chess strategy and improve their Chess skills. Besides, it offers the difficult levels to the champions to enhance their skills and enjoy it in the best way challengingly. It is utterly free to download and play. Chess Free has not got any locked options as well, and it is not the demo or trial version of it. So, you can enjoy all of its features by downloading it only. 

Chess free has got twelve levels from Beginner to Expert. You can select the level as per your expertise and have fun with it even if you are a novice. There are two modes; Casual and Pro. You can initially learn on the Casual one and then can move on to Pro mode. Chess Free has got a Chess Tutor feature, this vigorous option puts on view a recommended piece to move, this feature is beyond amazing for developing Chess strategy. Besides, it keeps you away from making simple or silly mistakes. The Chess Free deeply analyses your moves and perform accordingly. It has ‘Show CPU Thinking’ option for the level 3 and plus, which allows the user to observe what the AI is taking into account. You can also save your achievements and leader boards. Moreover, the Chess Free presents ELO ratings which are based on your results against CPU in Pro mode. It also allows you to review your game whenever you want.

The Chess Free is appropriate both for your mobile phones and tablets. It also supports landscape mode for tablets. You can also play on it against your friends by 2 Players hot-seat feature. Furthermore, there is a feature of Timer in it. The Chess Free also gives you hints while playing it. If you are a Chess fondler or want to learn it, you must download it right away and make the most of it.                      







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