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Electric Screen Download is Ready

Electric Screen apk

v2.0 (Updated Jul 20, 2017)

Download APK (1.10MB)

Electric Screen Description

App Name: Electric Screen
By: Keleng
Current Version: 2.0
APK Size: 1.10MB
APK SHA1 Hash: c51556761802a0284b6166e86eab8caf3e8d186a
Added: 2017-07-20
Updated: Jul 20
Category: Entertainment
Supports: Android 2.3 and up
Downloads: 0
8322 votes have been casted for Electric Screen so far. Read more about Electric Screen at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.keleng.electric&hl=en&gl=us


Electric screen joke for you. Create an electric current on your phone screen. Will appear in the form of lightning. Make a lightning finger tapping. Will appear as translucent screen. Was added to the sound. After you open the app, tap the screen lightly. That moment occurs current on the phone screen. Phone screen is not damaged. Electric shock screen. Have fun with this application. Make jokes to your friends. Unless the application quits running in the background. Current occurs when you touch each screen. Appears in different ways. Make fun to your life with electric screen for Android.

* Electric screen is free.
* Different shapes are available.
* Audio is added.
* Quickly installed.

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