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Smart Compass Download is Ready

Smart Compass apk

v1.7.5a (Updated Nov 11, 2017)

Download APK (2.85MB)

Smart Compass Description

It’s always a good thing to be outdoors. Every once in a while, one feels the dire need to step out of the urbanization and into the wilderness to think clearly and maybe find your own self! But the adventure enthusiasts would feel me when I rant about how difficult it can get to carry all those supplies and gadgetry along on a rough trek. Fortunately, modern-day technology has helped the likes of us by blessing us with the greatest invention – the Smart Phone. Yes, these handheld devices now hold almost all the basic gadgetry needed like the clock, planners, flashlight and the most important of them all, the compass. The compass tops the list of must-haves compiled by every adventure enthusiast.

In this piece of reading, we shall acquaint you with the lightweight Android application named the Smart Compass APK and how you can save precious space and lessen up the weight of your trekking gear.

Features and Characteristics of Smart Compass APK:

Smart Compass is a light, diminutive app consisting of a number of commendable features that are listed below:


  • This Android based application supports both viewing mode – the horizontally aligned landscape mode along with the vertically oriented portrait mode. Feel free to change viewing modes without the fear of losing the true North.
  • Works on the principle of the Vertical line for compass bearings and readings.  
  • Moreover, Smart Compass makes the use of your cell phone camera to provide a practical and a pragmatic view along with surroundings. The surroundings and background setting is completely customizable.
  • This application thoroughly makes the use of attractive magnetic antennas of your phone for optimum functionality. You might want to check your phone sensors beforehand. Furthermore, the magnetic field nearby your device can influence the presentation of this application since it intervenes with the antenna. For example, if you are using a peripheral protection cover for your cell phone which has embedded magnets in it can inadequately influence the compass app’s presentation. Eradicate the cover and get a precise outcome. 
  • This application can easily calibrate with any cell phone. Use this option so as to rule out any markers towards inadequate performance. 
  • The app offers a variety of various kinds of Coordinate readings like the decimal, degree, military and even UTM reading presentation modes along with Azimuth kinds (degree, mil, quadrants, back azimuth)
  • The Smart Compass app supports metal detector.
  • The app supports a GPS along with a GPS Speedometer to measure speed in a given amount of time.
  • Smart Compass has a Pro version that incorporates an advertisement free incident.
  • Also, the distribution of GPS information using short message service and also e-mails.
  • It has a complete metal sensing device
  • Qibla direction finder 
  • The compass readings, bearings, and locations can easily be shared via short messaging service or over the internet. Convenient screenshot capture is also available.


Smart Compass APK offers the following mode of operation:

– Typical

– Telescopic mode

– Night mode

– Digitized mode

– Supported Google Maps

– Satellite mode with Google Maps

– Background illustration option

So, to download the updated APK file of the Smart Compass for your Android. Follow the provided download link location is ready at the ending of this article. Thanks for your visiting in our site.

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