X Ray Bag Scanner Prank APK

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X-Ray Bag Scanner Prank Download is Ready

X-Ray Bag Scanner Prank apk

v1.4 (Updated Aug 03, 2017)

Download APK (3.54MB)

X-Ray Bag Scanner Prank Description

App Name: X-Ray Bag Scanner Prank
By: Masti Video App Zone
Current Version: 1.4
APK Size: 3.54MB
APK SHA1 Hash: 94bc44e02e336f9085c19cb778b6351470176087
Added: 2017-08-03
Updated: Aug 03
Category: Simulation
Supports: Android 4.1.x and up
Downloads: 0
384 votes have been casted for X-Ray Bag Scanner Prank so far. Read more about X-Ray Bag Scanner Prank at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=masti.xraybagscanner&hl=en&gl=us


Welcome to X-Ray bag scanner…

You’ve probably all seen phones and bags of things at airports or elsewhere? Now you have the opportunity to make fun of you if your phone is the same!

Bring the application to the school and show your friends that you can see if what is in their bag.

Simulation X-Ray Bag Scanner – a joke simulation game where you can play on your phone with both the X-ray. The game uses a camera for a more realistic effect!

This is not a real scanner and so it can not cause harm to the health of you can use it as you want! The application is built with the purpose of jokes and drawings, as well as a prank on friends.

Play your friends in the classroom or at home parents as well as a younger brother or sister. Creative imagination and work out before making a prank. Very easy to make fun with image.

Note this app or your device will not harm anyone or anything since it is not a true X-Ray scanner and just a joke app.

Have fun with friends and family members by acting like you can see inside their bag.

Application usage instructions :

=> Hold your device in front of any bag or box and click scan.
=> Wait a few seconds and the app will simulate an X-Ray scan of the object and show you what is inside.
=> Scanning it will show you the hidden materials in it.
=> This app will looks like a real x-ray scanner but this is not possible in mobile device, The App uses a camera for a more realistic effect!
=> Awesome app to just mess around and have fun with your friends and family.

We are working on further features. If there is any problem with our app or you need to give suggestion to improve X-Ray Bag Scanner.

X-Ray Bag Scanner Prank is for entertainment purposes only, and does not actually scan your Bag print for real. That would be impossible.

Thank You…

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